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Annuities aren't for everyone. That's why it's important to understand how they work

Annuities are financial products used by investors to save tax-deferred income for retirement or to replace a paycheck when retirement occurs by generating a steady income payment.

Annuities are guaranteed “insurance contract” whose payments are guaranteed by the company issuing the contract

I sell 2 types: Fixed annuities and Index annuities.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities are primarily CD-like investments assigned by insurance companies. In many instances a higher rate than a bank CD with a guaranteed rate of interest.

Fixed annuities can be immediate or deferred. Deferred annuities accumulate regular rates of interest while immediate annuities distribute fixed payments. The payment amount is defined by your age and size of your annuity – during retirement.

The assurance of a set payout makes a fixed annuity an attractive option for seniors who want a regular fixed monthly income to supplement their other retirement income.

An Income Annuity Provides Guaranteed Income In Retirement.

You are trading a portion of the retirement assets you are guaranteed income for a fixed period, based on you and another person or just you. How much income you need is entirely up to you. You have flexibility as to when to start and how much.

Group Health

The Benefits of Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance provides employees with the ability to seek medical or dental attention and help facilitate the return to work in a timely fashion.

Offering employees health insurance has many advantages. The premiums you pay are tax deductible, therefore, could save you a large sum of money. Studies have shown, excellent employee benefits attract great employees. It’s also the right thing to do!

The Benefits of Using Calley Benefits Services

Seeking the right group health insurance can come with a lot of frustration and questions. I will walk you through a handpicked selection of great insurance programs with all the answers and info you need. Not only that, I will eliminate the jargon and clarify the fine print, so you know precisely what you’re getting.

Comparing Group Health Insurance Quotes

I can review your needs and help you assess the group health insurance coverage that makes the most sense. They’ll also compare policies and quotes from multiple insurance companies to make sure you have the right protection in place. So you’ll have that going for you.

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Group Life

Protecting what matters most

From day to day living to life changing events, I understand your family is what matters most. My life insurance products can help protect your family’s financial future.

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Protecting what matters most

From day to day living to life changing events, I understand your family is what matters most. My life insurance products can help protect your family’s financial future.

Short & Long Term Disability

Help employees protect their income with group disability insurance

Group disability insurance preserves your employees’ most valuable asset—the ability to earn an income, even if they’re hurt or facing severe illness.

Calley Benefits Services offers both short-term disability and long-term disability insurance, meeting your employees’ needs and your bottom line.

UNUM LTD and short term disability insurance

Why offer group disability insurance?

Employees rely on their earned income for almost everything—from groceries to utility bills to mortgage and auto payments. If an injury or illness prevents your employees’ ability to work, without disability coverage, they will have to rely on savings to meet household expenses. Employees welcome having the financial stability that disability insurance provides. Finally, offering employees group disability insurance enhances your benefits package, and attracts and keeps quality employees.




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