As you get older, you're likely to be using your health insurance plan more than before, so make sure it's the best one for you. Picking the option with the lowest annual premium might be OK when you're younger, but now you may want to pivot towards one that costs more up front, but costs less to take advantage of. Consider, for example, the services you use most and how often you use them, taking into account prescriptions, dental services, visits to specialists, mental health services, etc. Then look at each plan candidate and its premium, deductibles and fees. Map out how much you would end up spending overall under each plan; that will help you choose the best value.

Shop around for your prescriptions and tests, too. There may be less expensive alternatives to the medications you're prescribed, and you might find much lower costs simply by calling a few local pharmacies to see what they charge for your prescription. If you're going to have a pricey lab test or procedure, such as an MRI, you might also shop around. Ask your medical office for the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code for the test, and look it up at the American Medical Association's website, which can tell you how much Medicare reimburses for it and can also provide estimates of overall costs. Here's more info on how to research medical pricing. The folks at FAIR Health make the process relatively easy, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offer information on physician fees, too.

 Specialty Insurance Services

The insurance needs of any business are complex. The experienced staff at A3 Insurance Solutions can help you determine which business insurance policies will best protect and serve the needs of your firm.
Restaurant Programs by A3 Insurance Solutions
A3 Insurance Solutions represents many of the top rated carriers specializing in restaurant insurance. Insuring any type of restaurant from Franchises to Hot Dog stands. A3 Agents are active in a variety of restaurant associations, so we understand the ever changing insurance needs of the restaurant industry.
Contractor Insurance Programs
A3 Insurance Solutions experience provides the understanding of what bonding is needed, the knowledge of proper certifications, and contract review for insurance purposes. A3 represents top-rated carriers that offer policies and endorsements that are unique to the contracting business; to properly rate, class and know the importance of specifically scheduling tools and equipment in case of loss.
Restaurant/Contractor/Automotive Sector Insurance Programs
This means increasing inter-dependencies between all parties, as well as growing risks from key concentrations within your supply chain. With automotive sector insurance exposures ranging from business interruption to product recall, these risks require a knowledgeable partner who can really meet the challenge.

A3 Insurance Solutions has been designed to meet exactly these challenges. We offer specialist automotive industry insurance expertise.

These bring together integrated specialist teams, combining key account management with risk consulting, underwriting, claims and policy administration to ensure a tailor-made response for automotive clients.
Automobile sector insurance services
Insurance Solutions

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